How long have you been playing golf?

My dad started me at the age of two, and my first competitive junior tournament was when I was seven years old.

What is your favorite golf memory?

It’s a tossup between chipping in to win the Donald Ross Junior in Pinehurst and my first big professional title last year on PGA Latin America in Puerto Rico with my Uncle Marty on the bag.

Do you have goals? And if so, what are they?

Yes, I want to establish myself on the Web.com Tour, play well enough to finish inside the “Top 25” year-end money list, and set up a long career on the PGA TOUR.

What is it about being a professional golfer that you enjoy most?

I’ve learned to embrace the travel aspect…these past 12 months I’ve traveled all over Central/South America and experienced the different cultures I wouldn’t have been able to without golf. I also appreciate being able to invest the vast majority of my time into my passion and make a living out of it. I feel very blessed and grateful to those around me who’ve helped me throughout the years to get me here and where I’m headed.


Everyone calls me “Sully.” When I make it to the big tour, you’ll see my nickname stitched on the back on my hat(s).